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Memories .... they came flooding back as soon as Angeal hit the lifestream. His raven haired head rolled slightly. He had been slain by Zack. The mako slowly curling about him as he finally rested from his fall from being a hero, letting his pup pick up where he left off. A softness of a female hand graced his shoulder. That would be Minerva? His mind reeling as he fully awoke to her form standing over him.

Now in this timeline Angeal was no longer human, nor hybrid SOLDIER. He was vampire, a MakoFang to be exact. The Goddess looked at the warrior uncertain. taking in the defeat that was plaguing Angeal. He pulled away from her touch, it wasn't Zack's. Baring those fangs lightly at the Goddess.

//Dare you?... You are dead, but I sense your form already resurrecting else where.... What are you? More of you keep coming here.... You feed off the enemy of the Planet is all I know. // Minerva called forth a small amount of Jenova blood in front of Angeal.

Jerking at the smell, he groaned deeply. His head rolling at the desire to consume it overtook him. His blue mako eyes shimmering as he picked upwards the divine cup there of the blood and drank. Shuddering at the pull his mutated anti Jenova cells overtaking the ones within the blood.

//Amusing ... You are a predator of Jenova, now. This woman.... this Reeanna made you this, made others that keep visiting here and returning if they aren't destroyed. Hmmm..... Go back then...//

Angeal felt tissues and bones then life again as he materialized. Feathers and flight as the Goddess sent him back. He flew over head. looking at the form underneath him as he descended from the heavens as they released him. His mako blue eyes widening at the horror of Zack laying there dying. Cloud trudging away with the Buster. It was dragging behind him, for it was a heavy burden now. Angeal grit his teeth as he then flew to his student's side in a rush of wing beats. The blonde cadet long gone by now. He panted over the fallen smaller raven.

"Noooo!" Angeal screamed, dropping next to Zack. He glared at the carnage and wreckage of ShinRa MP scattered everywhere. As far as the eye could see, but it wasn't enough and Zack had died in vain. He heard him rasp suddenly. Angeal groaned at the blood there. He dipped his head lower predator like as he heard his beloved Pup's voice.

"I knew you would come, my angel. Please.... take me. Take it all away. Even if you can't save me. So,.... I can be with y..." Zack felt himself slipping.... He knew Angeal had been near.

Angeal's fangs popped against the neck. He was then steady feeding as he was also sobbing. Those large yet tender hands caressing and keeping Zack calm. The mako backwashed suddenly from the snake like teeth.

"I am sorry I am sorry, I can't loose you... I love you!" Angeal panicked hoping he wasn't too late. Zack rolled his eyes at the feeling of the mutated Jenova cells from the injection Angeal given him settle into him. They started replicating like mad and Zack yelled in pain of the high fever spiking through his body. His form arching upwards as his teeth lengthen outwards with a sharp pop sound. The fallen SOLDIER gripping his mentor's muscular forearm.

Angeal smiled as the newborn barely moved about, but he was reanimated. "That's it, Zackary... come back to me. You are my mate now, as you desired...."

Zack groaned as he fell within those huge arms settling there. "You took a long time returning from the lifestream ...."

"Shhh, I am sorry puppy. I am sorry. Gods what they did to you." Angeal's eyes burned like fire for vengance. "Angeal, Geal... they were following orders..."

"It doesn't make it right!" Angeal bared his fangs.

"We are together though. Undead lovers ...." Zack blushed. "I will be your's forever."

Angeal turned his head slowly at the desire within Zack taking hold and bonding them strongly to each other. "Always....."
August 25th I went to renew my driver's license and got a surprise of you have to go fix your eye.
September - bought $400 of drops - no they aren't cheap.  Given a coupon of $75 and insurance paid for some of it. 10% from WalMart.  Ended up paying: $124 ...didn't have enough ... Hawked off some stuff to get it done ((lost the stuff)).  ((I sold a few comic books.  I lost internet for that month too.))
Applied for Care Credit - get this, this is good for all doctors ... all vets ... all hospitals
Found out I had a HRA of $1700.
October 13th I got my cataract removed and a lens implant put in. 
It was a rainy day and I was nervous as hell.  They put me under to numb my eye socket and everything as much as they could.  Woke me up on the operating table.  Taped my head down so I couldn't move it.  Placed a operating badge theater of the eye where he cut a window to work on my eye.  Keep putting this weird sticky fluid in my eye like that movie Fire in the Sky.  Yes I still felt a little during the surgery even still. The laser was bright and I tried to relax as much as I could.  I wasn't suppose to move an inch mind you.  When it was done, I am unsure if there were stitches...  I am guessing there were.  They dissolved I suppose.  I did pass out twice that day after the event and taking a nap.  I am unsure if it was getting up too fast or eating too much.  I made damn sure I didn't fall on my eye.  Got to see two cute EMS Firefighters though.

Lots of drops for like what seemed forever.  I went right back to work...  If I done this over I would have taken a week off.
I still owe for the anesthesia, but I hardly had to pay anything out of pocket.

I am back now.


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Blair Witch Ree by BustyShinRaSOLDIER
Name: Reeanna
Relation to Sephiroth: Twin Sister or in fact a Clone
Role Played: 11 years
Type: Vampire
Weapon: Witchblade
Nine Inch Nails - Basically OmniSlash but to limbs
Hojo's Curse - Drain of Life Force to heal
Reactor Core Melt Down - Mako Bomb

"My honor is deeper than my burning blood!" ~ Oath of the MakoFangs

I have also rped off and on: Rufus, Tseng, Reno, Rude, Elena, Cloud, Zack, Angeal, Sephiroth, Hojo, Vincent, Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo

Current Residence: Undisclosed lab where I create things much like father did...
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Stainless Steel Shoulder Armour and Masamune ... or nakie
Favourite genre of music: Industrial
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Wallpaper of choice: Blood splattered here and there....
Skin of choice: My brothers and sisters teeheehee ...
Favourite cartoon character: Sephiroth
Personal Quote: "I am the new Jenova"

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